Friday, November 4, 2011

Goodbye, Adue, Farewell...

Well its official, I am done with this project. Unfortunately I just don't have the time or motivation to continue. I would like to thank everyone that helped and everyone that supported this project. I will leave this blog up until there is little to no activity. As promised the raw game files for whomever would like to continue, translate, modify, ect.

It was fun...


  1. Oh, come on, don't delete the blog. Save it as an archive.

  2. How ironic - I just stumbled upon this project for the first time THIS. VERY. MORNING. and was super excited ;_;

  3. @ Anonymous: I can relate to that. It happens way too often.

  4. Thanks for the great work! But now, I'm sad... :(

  5. Well, looking at the style of it, it's a shame you let go so early on...

  6. Hello, my name is Edgar. I'm from Spain and I don't speak english soo good. Sorry.
    I translated the demo to Spanish and I'm continuing with the programming. I already have made several screens more and new characters. It is being very well. Soon I will raise my advances so that podais to unload it, although will be everything in Spanish. I try to continue with the project of our friend Jackpumpkinhead, with his permission. If the producers of music midi of his demo want to continue with the project, I am advancing enough and I need the music. My mail is
    I can show my advances. I need music midi!

    Thank you, special Jackpumpkinhead.