Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I’m Still Here!!!

Well it’s been quite a long time since my last post, and for good reason. A lot has been going on, as far as the game is concerned, and otherwise. But I am still working as hard as I can on this project. So far I have finished the beginning cutscene before the credits and I have started adding the credits. Which I am sure I will be adding on to the list of people I have in the credits already. I had my brother do a few original pieces of art for the sidebars during the credits and he is also working on some original chapter screens that will flow better and will look and feel like the classic Monkey Island games. The next step will be to move on to the excessively long cutscene before the actual gameplay begins in “The Curse of Monkey Island”, and I am not looking forward to that (a lot of animating for me…yay [insert sarcasm]). Then I will be finishing up on the last of the backgrounds that have to be 8-bit-ified. Then, finally, I will finish up on the MIDI music. I am still looking for someone to take up PaddyM’s place in regards to creating MIDI music for me.

As a side note I was approached by someone who would like to translate this project into German when I am finished. So this DEMO will likely be multilingual when all is said and done!!

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