Thursday, March 10, 2011

I hit a snag! Part 1

Well, as I posted earlier I had found a talented fellow fan of the monkey island series who had been willing to aid me in my quest to finishthis game. After contributing 2 great pieces of music, unfortunately PaddyM is no longer able to continue. I would like to personally thank him for his contributions and would welcome him back if he was able in the future. Hat being said I am still looking for MIDI musicians who would be up for working with me on this project. I am also playing around with MIDI music ceation.
As far as progress on the project goes, I am finishing up on the opening cutscene. After that i will be moving on to redrawing the outside the ship background and the firing the cannon scene. Hopefully this will end with snag part 1 and there won't be a part 2.
Also, as far as the problem with my computer goes, turns out it was just a memory module that went bad. Everything is up and running now

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  1. Hey Jack, I just checked in to see how things are progressing, and I can't help but feel like a twat for abandoning the project so early on. I hope things pick up for you, and I'm still really looking forward to this game so please don't quit :)

    I checked the forum thread and I see that people have found or have offered MIDIs, are you planning to use them? I hope the lack of MIDIs isn't holding you back mate...

    Good luck, and sorry again for my backwards family haha.