Monday, February 28, 2011


...Is the noise I made when I went to go turn on my computer this morning. One of my RAM modules has decided to die on me so updates are slow right now. Hopefully I can get it fixed and the computer up and running soon so I can continue with development of the game.
Also I may have help in the MIDI department as far as the music goes, which is great because it seems like that that is the only thing that I really need to make this project more nostalgic. I really think that it will be the icing on the cake. PattyM over at the Mix'n Mojo Forums has kindly offered to do the music that I need for the final version.
Finally I would like to add that I was recently interviewed for the "Classic Edition" over at Indie Game Magizine. You can read the entire interview HERE


  1. Hey Josh!

    When I read this post's title I thought for a second you had lost all of your current project progress! Still, sucks about the RAM.

    The "Firing the Canon" MIDI will be done tomorrow at some point, the rest will follow closely, I'm aiming to have them all done within the week, depending on how easily I can transcribe them. So far so good!

    Cheers man, glad to be involved in this project in my own small way!


    P.S. Great interview, by the way :D

  2. I love this Game! Many Luck! It is GREAT!

  3. The IGM site got destroyed so I had to re-up the interview mate.

    It's here -

    -Jake Hanrahan.