Monday, December 27, 2010

Well, another weekend down. Unfortunately I was unable to get any work done on this project. I have decided to change the name of the game from the "Oldschool Edition" to the "Classic Edition". I think it just sounds more professional and makes the game seem a little more legitimate. Also the name change gives the player a more clear idea of the purpose of this game.

But as far as progress on the game goes, I have decided to work almost exclusively on the background art first. I feel that if I can finish out sketching out all of the backgrounds in the game and then work on the actual coding of the game, I will actually be able to accoplish finishing the entire game. After breaking up the creation of the game into separate tasks, instead of trying to do everything all at once, I think it will speed up the progress. So from here on out most of the progress reports and pics posted will probably be sketches and news on what I have finished and what I will be moving on to in the future.

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